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Hi, my name is Raphy. If you're on my site right now, it's because you either want to sell your property, have an estate that you need help with, or you are behind on your mortgage payments. While there are many brokers out there, my clients will attest to the fact that I am honest, experienced, responsible, and get the job done right.


I am the broker of Springtime Realty and Development Inc., otherwise known as STR.  I have been in the real estate business for over 18 years. My motto is – No Spin, Just Great Service! As an agent, I had the opportunity to work with experienced brokers who could not stress enough that the client always comes first. When I created STR, this became the driving force behind my success.


What is STR?

S –  Sitting down with my clients and really listening to them and their needs.

T –  Training my hand-picked staff with my values of dedication and hard-work.

R –  Realizing that every client is unique and deserves personal attention.


After sitting down with hundreds of clients over the years, I have developed a strong network of professionals that I work very closely with – from real estate and probate attorneys to bankers to appraisers to marketing specialists. Marketing is STR's specialty, using Trulia, Zillow, MLS, Redfin, Google, Easy Streets, and more to reach as many potential buyers as possible.


I hope you will give STR the opportunity to assist you. I am looking forward to meeting you!


Thank you,

Raphael (Raphy) Amar

Lic. Real Estate Broker

Raphael (Raphy) Amar, Lic. Real Estate Broker


After closing on hundreds of deals over the past eighteen years, I have developed the ability to work with all kinds of clients and all kinds of homes. By listening to my clients, whether they are buying or selling, I am able to determine what the best match is for them, especially for a first-time home buyer.


I specialize in one and two family homes in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Nassau County. I am also experienced in selling three and four family homes, which have very different requirements regarding mortgage qualification and marketing strategies.


I do not encourage a client to sell a house if they are not 100% behind their decision. Once the client is ready to sell, I market the property as aggressively as possible. The first step is always to “prep” the house in order to make it as appealing as possible for any prospective buyer. I then list it on marketing sites such as MLS, NYSMLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Craigslist, Easy Streets and many more in order to give the property maximum exposure and to get the best possible offer for my client.


I have also established a strong and reliable network of bankers, attorneys, title companies, surveyors, appraisers, architects, expeditors, and all-cash buyers who assist my clients in making the process as smooth as possible.


I look forward to sitting down with you and discussing how I can assist you.



What is a short sale?

If you are more than 6 months behind with your mortgage payments, chances are you will not be able to catch up. I negotiate with the bank to allow you to sell your house for LESS than the full amount owed. This is called a short sale. The house is either being sold to a private buyer (if the house is in fair condition and can be approved for a mortgage), or to an all-cash investor (if the house in NOT in good condition and cannot be approved for a mortgage).


What is the advantage in a short sale?

It enables you to sell your home and eliminate any outstanding mortgage payments. You are literally getting rid of your bad mortgage and opening a new page in your life. After the short sale is complete, I send my clients to a credit repair company which assists them in the process of restoring their credit.


Especially in today's market, the sooner you start the short sale process the better it will be for you. If you wait too long the bank may expedite the foreclosure process and you will find yourself with an auction date scheduled to sell your property.


As long as I have your full cooperation and receive all necessary documentation in a timely manner, I will have your short sale approved. However, most importantly, I need your patience. The short sale process takes time and you must understand from the start that the banks cannot be rushed or pressured.


Call me - I will meet you at your house, evaluate its condition, and advise you on how to proceed in a way which is best suited to you and your specific situation. My consultation is free and my services are free - I will NEVER ask you to pay me. Once the short sale is approved, the bank pays me out of the sale proceeds.



Unfortunately, we all come to difficult moments in life in which we would rather not be dealing with but they are necessary. We may be frustrated, angry, and sometimes resentful that we are forced to deal with the problem and we do not know where to turn for help. Sometimes we are grieving and do not want to be concerned with paperwork or legalities. Other times there are others who want to sway your decisions or stand up against you and try to take away what should be yours and sometimes the decisions are forced on you whether you want them or not.


Dealing with the estate of a loved one is one of those problems. You are in an emotional state and being told that you must deal with the estate at the same time. There may be other family members or friends who want to be in control of the estate and are willing to contest your position. All the paperwork must be handled properly and correctly.


Springtime Realty Inc. (STR) is here to assist and guide you in the process. No one can guarantee that it will not be stressful or completely problem-free but we can help lessen the aggravation and help bring it to a successful conclusion. From the paperwork to advice on how to speak with loved ones to making informed decisions regarding the estate, STR will be with you throughout the entire process.


What is Probate Court?

When a loved one passes and there is property or assets in their name, the person named in their will becomes the executor (male) or executrix (female) of the estate. This means that they are now responsible for all aspects pertaining to this estate. What happens if there is no will? Who becomes the responsible party? The Probate Court determines who shall be the executor of the estate based on proper paperwork which must be handled correctly and professionally.


How can STR assist you?

The goal of STR is for the process to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. STR will have its legal team review your documents or help you complete the proper documentation and will make sure everything is in order. The STR legal team will then file the paperwork in the appropriate county and work with you until the court gives its approval.  At that point, if the estate is in good condition, STR will aggressively market the estate to get you the highest possible sale (figure / value). In the event that the estate is in need of renovation or cannot be sold through the regular mortgage process, STR will find the appropriate all-cash buyer.


In my experience, the seller is often under the impression that they must spend exorbitant amounts of money renovating the estate in order to bring in the highest possible offer. Often the seller spends money on repairs that will not be covered by the final sale price. Our experience in the real estate market will save you from making these very costly and time consuming mistakes. STR will review all the possible scenarios with you and will assist you in making the most responsible decisions.


Are you the attorney?

We also look forward to working with attorneys who have either been court-appointed to handle the estate or been chosen by the family or executor as their advisor. We will keep you informed at every stage of the process. Should you or the family prefer that you handle all aspects of the probate, we will focus our energies and resources on marketing the estate and bringing in the highest possible selling price.



After visiting a few offices, it was a nice change to find someone

who wasn't just after his commission.


– Wilma, Edgewood St. Queens



After trying three different offices, and after paying more than $9,000 legal fees and getting no results, I was refered to STR. Raphy was able to execute a short sale at no expense to me!


– Eena, Colden Ave Bronx



Thank you so much for all your help. I already gave your number to my cousin who is also behind on her mortgage. I am sure she will be as happy with your services as I was.


– Marline, Park Pl. Brooklyn



If someone had told me that I would become a homeowner, I would have laughed. Thanks to you Raphy, I am today a proud homeowner.


– Maria, Moffat St. Brooklyn



Four brokers told me I can't buy a house. I'm happy they were wrong.


– Marjorie, 157 St. Queens



Wow, no more paying rent. Now I get to collect it!


– Natasha, 177 St.


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